D&B Analytics StudioQuickly adapt to the ever-changing market with analytic flexibility.
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Back Any Business Decision with Analytics
D&B Analytics Studio is a cloud-based platform that flexes to meet your needs. In a secure partition of the platform, you can combine your own data sources with Dun & Bradstreet data or alternative data sources. Built-in advanced analytics then enable you to conduct deep analysis using predefined functions or your own code.
Real Time & Secure Payments
Securely accept online bank payments, credit cards, and other payment types
Improve Customer Experience
Digital self-service portal provides your customers 24/7 access to statements, invoices, order status, documents, disputes, and more
Ignite change confidently with support from a secure platform that’s ready to use on day one
Do You Have Analytic Flexibility?
"Businesses are awash with data. They struggle to identify what is most important and what actions to take (or avoid)." You also have to deal with a market that is more quickly changing, resources that are shrinking and an ever-growing number of tools you could use make sense of the data.

While it would appear that your team has a capacity problem, you actually have a flexibility problem. All analysis requires identifying the right data sources, collecting data in the right way and using the right tool to analyze it and act. If you continue to think only how this can be done more quickly, you will fail to meet the one common requirement of your those in your shoes: adapt to change.

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Lots of Connected Data
Be it depth and breadth of business insights or recency of business signals, Analytics Studio gives you access to it all. Bring your own data, use 10 years of historical D&B data that's updated regularly or use one of our partners, all connected by our live business identity: the D-U-N-S Number.
Easy to Use UI
Writing code and reading query returns isn't for everyone, and that's okay. Analytics Studio Visual Designer lets you drag and drop to easily build models or workflows and create dynamic dashboards
Analysis Your Way
Each organization, team and individual are at a different point of their analytical journey. Analytics Studio helps you no matter where you are: quick start options get you started on day one, robust modeling tools help you advance and if you're already coding – use what you like: Python, R or SQL
Safe Space to Play
Your work in an evolving space. Data and analytics is not a new idea, but how it’s done changes frequently. Not a problem when you use Analytics Studio: we've built your sandbox with all the toys in a SOC 2 compliant, ISO certified space. Or simply put, it's really secure.
Built for the Data People
For Data ScientistsQuickly explore data with point-and-click visualizations or in the language of your choice, collaborate, and share insights with stakeholders via live interactive dashboards.
Business AnalystsDrag and drop your way to powerful analysis and reporting. Build models, workflows and interactive dashboards with robust insight, all without any coding
For ML EngineersCollaboratively build and manage models from experimentation to production, deploy for batch or real-time inference at scale, and monitor production workloads.
For Data EngineersBuild Robust data pipelines, automate and monitor production jobs using Scala, Java and built-in notebooks and APIs.