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D&B ESG Intelligence

Utilize AI-driven ESG intelligence built from deep coverage of private and public company data to manage risk

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ESG Insights for Selecting Resilient Business Relationships

Increasing business relationships with ethical companies is amongst the top growth priorities of corporations today to increase reputation and profitability. Dun and Bradstreet’s ESG Intelligence makes selecting ethical and resilient third parties easier than ever.

D&B ESG Intelligence delivers analytics built from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud and established sustainability standards, to help companies gain measurable visibility into their business partners ESG rankings. This comprehensive and standardized source of ESG data helps compliance and procurement teams protect company reputation, benchmark against industry trends, identify ESG risks and goals, and streamline ESG assessment processes.

Identify ESG Risks
Gain better visibility into third-party ESG risks through topic-specific rankings built from verified data points.
Benchmark Against Industry Trends
Understand and develop ESG goals that drive efficiency and profitability.
Increase Supply Chain Resilience & Profitability
Compare ESG Rankings of your third parties against supplier performance select more optimal suppliers that will drive profitability.
Deep ESG Data Coverage

D&B ESG Intelligence provides extensive coverage, including business data coupled with public ESG-related information of 9+ million US private companies and all US public companies (~6,000).

Our ESG Rankings cover 12 ESG themes and 32 topic specific categories to help you best understand specific risks and opportunities. These rankings are built on data sourced from millions of globally trusted sources, validated through Dun & Bradstreet® D-U-N-S® Numbers & Live Business Identity for accuracy.

This deep coverage and breakdown of specific ESG topic rankings helps you to track and report on specific ESG factors that increase growth and reduce risk.

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Rankings Built from Top Standards

Our ESG rankings are created from data that has been tested, cleaned, and verified by Dun & Bradstreet and structured around leading sustainability frameworks, including:

  • SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • UN SDGs (United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals)
  • TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)
  • UN PRI(United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment)

This standardized framework provides a single true, trusted, and measurable source of ESG data to help you benchmark against industry averages and develop goals to meet your growth objectives.

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Near Real-Time Updates For Automated Reporting

Integrate our data directly into your existing system to get the most up to date ESG rankings on a monthly basis.

Our Direct+ API integration is compatible with nearly all systems, offering a seamless way to access trusted ESG rankings data without lifting a finger. This convenient integration allows you to take an automated approach to leveraging ESG with routine reports built from fresh data on a regular cadence.

Automation has been proven to help save precious time and effort in gaining effective ESG visibility and leveraging ESG data through third-party processes from onboarding to active risk management.

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ESG Self-Assessment for Company Engagement

D&B ESG Intelligence includes a self-reporting mechanism against 50 questions to provide additional data towards a D&B ESG Report and Ranking.

Identify current gaps and reveal insights on areas to help improve your ESG strategy.