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Our intuitive, web-based, always-on solution immediately improves the efficiency of business investigations by enabling secure sharing and collaboration, and collecting all business case-related information in one place.
No more walls. No more disconnected workflows. No more data extracts. See how D&B Investigate® addresses the inherent, systemic obstacles agency teams face every day when investigating business cases.
D&B Investigate® gives agency investigative teams direct access to all relevant case-related business data, along with the tools and intelligence they need to get the job done.
D&B Investigate® — powered by the broadest and deepest set of B2B data and analytical insights available — offers instant access to Dun & Bradstreet’s experienced investigators, auditors,  and researchers to fill any gaps.
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Our seasoned investigators and technology experts talk about the inherent, systemic challenges and obstacles agency teams face today. See how D&B Investigate® simplifies secure sharing and collaboration for federal, state, and local agencies in business investigations.
Inherent Challenges Agency Teams Face with Business InvestigationsWatch Video
Enhancing Agency Collaboration and Efficiency with Business InvestigationsWatch Video
A Purpose-Built Business Investigation Solution for AgenciesWatch Video
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Talk with one of our experts to learn more about how D&B Investigate® can help you investigate threats and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.
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