Manage Your Small Business

Find the resources you need to keep your business running smoothly

You have an established business, happy customers, and reliable systems, but you realize there’s always room for improvement. Use the following tools and information to help you manage your business more smoothly and efficiently.

Manage Your Business

Common Managing Topics

Traditional LendingLearn more about small business loans through banks and other traditional lenders.Read More
Alternative LoansIf you’re having trouble securing a small business loan, don’t give up. There are many alternative lending opportunities available.Read More
CollectionsOnce you’ve extended credit, how do you make sure you get paid? Follow these tips to help monitor potential risk to your business.Read More

Guides to Get You Started

How to Build Your Business Credit File

How to Build Your Business Credit File

See Where a Good Idea Can Take You

Custom Powder Systems Strives for Employee SatisfactionLearn more about how Custom Powder Systems, a small business manufacturer, improved their business credit.Read More
Pork Barrel BBQ
Pork Barrel BBQ Wins the Support of 6,000 Retailers NationwideRead More
Bjork Construction
They Build More Than Just Homes – They Build RelationshipsRead More


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have a business plan that shows long-term growth potential, venture capital might be the option for you. However, there are many lending options to choose from.
  • A Trade Reference is a source that supplies past payment experience(s) between a business and a vendor. Learn how it can impact your business credit scores and ratings.
  • Conducting a net worth calculation is one method businesses use to set credit limits. Find out how it works and explore other methods.
  • Managing your small business cash flow can help you succeed without outside financing. You can start by defining your credit policy. Learn how!