Core Analytic Solutions: Predictors, Scores, & Ratings

Proven analytic models developed, validated, and maintained in our Data Cloud to help provide the answers you need – across multiple divisions and functions. These solutions are easy to implement and customization is possible.

Tested and proven, our core predictors, scores and ratings are easy to add to existing workflows to make an immediate impact on the quality of your decisions whether you're in marketing, risk or managing your supply chain. Quick Guide to U.S. Predictive Analytics

Core Analytic Solutions
D&B® Collections Prioritization Score

The D&B Collections Prioritization Score predicts the likelihood that a company will change its payment behavior in the next 30 days. The score helps you prioritize accounts based on likelihood of making a payment and provides a foundation for the type of collections tactics used by A/R teams, and leverages AI to provide better insight into the potential for collecting sooner on outstanding receivables.

Available in D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence

D&B® Composite Risk Score (Triple Play)

The D&B Composite Risk Score also known as the "Triple Play" estimates the overall risk of a business by combining the Viability Rating, Delinquency Predictor, and Total Loss Predictor into a single, comprehensive score. Scale is 3-9, where 3 is the lowest risk and 9 is the highest risk. Available on over 30M businesses in North America.

Use for Granular risk knockout, Segmentation, Prioritization.

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D&B® Country Risk Rating

The D&B Country Risk Rating is a comprehensive risk score based on the assessment of a country’s political, commercial, economic, and sovereign risks. This rating is part of Dun & Bradstreet’s broader suite of Country Insight solutions.

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D&B® Cyber Risk Rating

The D&B Cyber Risk Rating assesses suppliers’ potential vulnerability to cyber threats and the likely impact of a breach on their financial health to help protect your organization’s supply chain.

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D&B® Delinquency Score

Would you like to know if you will get paid on time? The D&B Delinquency Score (formerly the Commercial Credit Score) predicts the likelihood that a company will pay in a severely delinquent manner (91+ days past term) over the next 12 months, seek legal relief from creditors, or cease operations without paying all creditors in full over the next 12 months based on the information in Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud.

View a dashboard that allows you to interact and explore D&B Delinquency Score over time

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D&B® Failure Score

Are you worried about your customer filing bankruptcy? The D&B Failure Score (formerly the Financial Stress Score) predicts the likelihood that a business will, in the next 12 months, seek legal relief from its creditors or cease business operations without paying all its creditors in full.

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D&B® High Risk/Fraud Score
The D&B High Risk/Fraud Score calculates the probability that a company may be fraudulent and likely to commit fraudulent activity. Available as a standard and custom model.
D&B Material Change® Segmentation (Currently available in the U.S. and Canada)

An innovative solution designed to help you get an earlier picture of business risk or opportunity in ways that traditional assessments cannot provide. Advanced analytics are cutting through all the data that flows through the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to transform 'digital smoke signals' into early warnings of possible future business behavior. 

For example, a combination of material change events like an increase in spend, new site openings, and addition of new credit lines may be predictive of a business that is poised for growth and about to increase its buying power. This foresight will help clients anticipate behavior and place them ahead of the competition.

The scale for Material Change Segmentation is A-J indicating which of the following segments a company is in: early sign of decay, decreasing demand, increase in borrowing, increase in scale, increase in demand, leverage for growth, organic growth, reduction in scale, spend growth, stable.

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D&B Paydex® Score

Wondering how a company has been paying its bills? The D&B PAYDEX® Score is a unique indicator of a business’s payment performance over the past year—based on payment experiences reported to Dun & Bradstreet. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating better payment performance.

View a dashboard that allows you to interact and explore the D&B PAYDEX over time

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D&B Rating®

The D&B Rating provides an indication of creditworthiness and consists of two parts. Financial Strength: an indication of firm size based on employee size or financials. Risk Indicator: an overall evaluation of creditworthiness based on information available such as trade payment history, length of operation, employee numbers, and financials.

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D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating

The D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) Rating predicts the likelihood that a supplier will cease operations or become inactive over the next 12 months based on information in the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. Using statistical probability factors, it scores public and private companies from 1 to 9, where 1 represents low risk and 9 represents high risk. The SER Rating provides powerful supplier insight by combining key risk indicators into a single rating.

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D&B Supplier Stability Indicator
The D&B Supplier Stability Indicator (SSI) predicts the likelihood that a supplier will file for bankruptcy, cease operations, or become inactive over the next 3 months. The SSI is developed exclusively on known suppliers in the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to meet the specific needs of supply management professionals.
D&B® Total Loss Predictor

Concerned a client will not pay as your partnership is beginning? The D&B Total Loss Predictor predicts the probability of a company never paying, based on their similarities with other companies in the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud that don't pay. (“Never paying” is defined as the total balance owed since origination rolls to 121+ days past due.) A "bad" business is one with 80% or more of its dollars owing associated with these "never pay" account originations. This predictor is designed to identify first time payment default, straight rollers, or fictitious/shell companies. It is not designed to identity never pay performance due to theft, account takeovers, or bust outs.

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D&B Viability Rating® (U.S. and Canada)

Would you like to know if this company will be operating next year? The D&B Viability Rating is a multidimensional rating that delivers a highly insightful and reliable assessment of a company's future viability. Predictive components predict the likelihood that a company will go out of business, become inactive, or file for bankruptcy over the next 12 months. The descriptive components provide an indication of the amount of predictive data available to make a reliable risk assessment, as well as insight into the age and size of business. Use to assess business health and viability or find the weak links in your supply chain.

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Detailed Trade Risk Insight
Detailed Trade Risk Insight provides detailed updates on over 1.5 billion commercial trade experiences collected from more than 250 million unique supplier/purchaser relationships. This allow you to review a highly detailed time-series view of key performance indicators from the past 13 months to enable a more precise understanding of how the company is paying back unsecured credit commitments.
Global Business Ranking

Are you working with a global portfolio and trying to understand the relative risk of each business? The Global Business Ranking (GBR) allows businesses to segment their global portfolio across a consistent scale for the first time. This innovative multidimensional relative risk ranking tool predicts the likelihood that a company will become inoperable, inactive, or dormant in the next 12 months

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Maximum Credit Recommendation
The Maximum Credit Recommendation suggests the greatest amount of credit that Dun & Bradstreet suggests extending, based on monthly payment terms. The amount is the total value of goods and services that the average creditor should have outstanding across multiple accounts and invoices — not necessarily the maximum amount it can afford. The recommendation is based on a historical analysis of similar companies in the Data Cloud.

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Overall Business Risk
Do you need an easy button for a company’s Dun & Bradstreet credit report? The Overall Business Risk is a high-level risk evaluation that assesses a company using the best available scores, ratings, and indices. The Overall Business Risk is scored on a five-point scale, from low to high risk, with additional statements describing the business’s current and future health.
Sales & Employee Model
Quantify the market size of commercial business entities across the globe to evaluate new opportunities and make more prudent business decisions. D&B’s Global Sales and Employee Model (GSEM) combines a layered set of analysis and attributes that helps you understand the size and potential of new markets.
Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE)

The Small Business Financial Exchange is a trade association striving to be the trusted advocate for the safe and secure growth of small businesses. The SBFE gathers and protects the largest aggregation of small-business payment data in the U.S. and leverages the power of that data to help the small-business industry build a true and accurate picture of small-business credit. The combination of D&B’s & SBFE’s datasets produce robust small business data profiles. Dun & Bradstreet is an authorized SBFE Certified Vendor.

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Small Business Risk Insight (SBRI)
The Small Business Risk Insight is Dun & Bradstreet’s proprietary small-business risk-decisioning solution that consolidates data from participating financial institutions on small-business lending performance across the banking, credit card, and leasing industries. SBRI data, combined with Dun & Bradstreet’s trade data, creates decision-ready insights that can be used across the customer life cycle for targeting, underwriting, and portfolio management/marketing.
U.S. Small Business Health Index

The Small Business Health Index (SBHI) measures business health at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and Industry (SIC) level as it relates to payment patterns, failure rates, and credit use. The index is based on 4 factors: average credit card utilization, % of credit cards with outstanding balance cycle 3+ (61+ days past due), ratio derived from the number of failures in the last 12 months over prior 12 months, % of delinquent dollars 91+ days past due out of all outstanding balance.

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U.S. Overall Business Health Index

The U.S. Overall Business Health Index (OBHI) provides a weighted average of the D&B Viability Rating®, the D&B® Delinquency Score, and the D&B® Total Loss Predictor. The OBHI measures the aggregate risk of a confirmed active and open businesses paying in a severely delinquent manner (91+ DPD), recording a first payment default or becoming no longer active.

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